group of friends meeting in the city center

Your Guide to Kicking Off a Great Weekend

Finally, it’s the weekend. This period of the week is often lauded as the time for rest, an all-day lounging in your couch or binge watching a TV series you have been meaning to catch up on. You are in charge of your weekend, and you have the choice if you want to spend it

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top view of a man on a wheelchair

Rolling With The Times

Helping makes us Human One of humanity’s most endearing qualities, and – it could be argued – one of the very foundations of what makes us human, is the ability to adapt to the world around us to cater to the specific needs and requirements of those less able to do so. One example that

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skewers for appetizer

Appetizers: The Sumptuous Food Décor

Nutrition and sustenance are not the only purposes of food. It’s also considered an art. Our senses are interrelated so we feel more delight when a dish doesn’t only satisfy our tastebuds but our eyes as well. One way of showcasing culinary creativity, especially when hosting parties, is through appetizers. Here’s a short discussion on

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wedding planner

What It’s Like to Be a Wedding Planner

Everyone has probably seen a few movies revolving around wedding planners and their tasks to help the bride with the tasks involved in the wedding preparation. Although they all seem to carry themselves quite well despite several problems, the work of a wedding planner is never easy. Planning a wedding involves various tasks, such as

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Closeup portrait of young female customer drinking red wine with eyes closed

Wine Advisory: A Night Cap for Good Health

​Heavy drinking is not healthy from a medical and psychological point of view. Yet, a study reports that a limited intake of your favourite wine could stave off depression. Studies are revealing the many benefits of enjoying red and Prosecco wine gifts once in a while. It turns out a glass of spirits is more than

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small living room in a milimalistic interior

4 Creative Ways to Style a Small and Narrow Room

For people living in studio apartments and small houses, it’s a challenging task to decorate the space without making it look smaller and narrower. Nevertheless, it’s not an impossible task. By choosing furniture carefully and defining a layout, you’ll discover that there are infinite possibilities in styling a small room without making it look and

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