First date

How to Prep Up for Your First Date

Finding your true love is a trial-and-error thing. It’s not always the case where your first relationships can be successful and lead to “I do’s.” While some end up living their happily-ever-after, others would end up in divorce years later. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be the norm nowadays. Despite that fact, a lot of

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restaurant owner

Make Your Restaurant a Successful One With These Key Elements

The food service industry is a competitive one. Dining establishments are increasing in number, so making an entrance in the scene can be intimidating. Every restaurant has something new and unique to offer, so to build your business identity, you must have something that can capture your market’s attention. To make your business a top-rated

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Close-up of home made burgers

The Best Burgers: What Makes it So Good?

If asked, ‘What is your favourite food?’ You’ll be surprised at how many will answer a good ol’ burger. The love affair between humans and burgers around the world has been going on for years. Many people love a juicy burger get spiced up or sweetened to a certain level that warrants long lines in

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say I do

Destination Weddings: Say “I Do” at a French Chateau

Research shows 25 per cent of marriages in the US is destination weddings. Forty per cent of American couples tie the knot in international locations. If you’re planning to get married abroad, a chateau wedding in France is ideal for a fairytale-like celebration. It is home to stunning wedding destinations you can rent exclusively for

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