preserved dog

Common Questions About Pet Preservation

Pet preservation by freeze-drying is now an acceptable alternative to cremation or burying. While the process is relatively common today, a majority of people do not understand how it works

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couple fighting in divorce

Tips for Avoiding the Four Horsemen of Divorce

The Gottman Institute, known for being one of the foremost organizations on research-based approaches to successful relationships, said that the following are the Four Horsemen of Divorce: Criticism is all about using

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sad woman

How to Repel Negative Vibes

Nothing can ruin your day if you keep your negative thoughts at bay and stay away from negative vibes. If you are surrounded by people who are pessimists, it will

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summer concept

Summer 2021: How to Sweat Less

Summer 2021 is cranking up the heat in the Pacific Northwest, where the temperatures are breaking records left and right. On June 27, Sunday, Portland, Oregon, experienced 112 degrees Fahrenheit

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